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NK Pullers - Bio

NK Pro-Stock was originally organized in the late 1980’s The economy and other factors later phased out the group. A few years ago many pullers started to show interest again. The pullers started again as a non-sanctioned group to see if there was any interest. The group continued to grow. When there was enough interest, the NK group was reformed into an organization under a version of the old name NK Pullers Association. NK stands for Nebraska/Kansas, which represents much of this organization’s membership from both states. However as they continue to grow there are now many members joining from Missouri also.


President for NK is Ron Alverson from Centralia,Ks. Ron started in the 1970’s with a 4WD Chevy pickup. He also ran a silver 2WD that was called the Ghost Buster. He has been instrumental in the formation of NK Pullers. For the last few years he has been active promoting the NK show.  Ron and his sons, Brent and Brock,  run a 4wd truck known has “Full Strut”. Ron has served the role of President for several years. 


Vice President Steve Lock has been with our organization for many years. Steve, along with his sons Jared & Greg, run the "Don't Know Any Better" Case 2290 Super-Field Tractor. Steve can often be found down by the start line lending a huge hand to Ron. Steve is from Hiawatha, Kansas. Steve was elected as our Vice-President in 2018. 


Treasurer of NK is Vince Newman of Oskaloosa, KS. Vince attended a few pulls early on with the NK with his 2WD Chevy "Riverrat" then came on with the organization full time with his 2WD Chevy "Crossthreaded". He now drives the orange 2WD Chevy called "Dirty Deeds". Vince has served as Treasurer of this organization since 2016. 

Cathy Gutshall of Falls City, NE may not pull any vehicles herself, but she is instrumental in assisting her husband, Kevin, with his two tractors, "No Guts, No Glory", an International 1066 10.5 Super-Field and "Pure Guts", an International 1466 P-Pump Pro-Field. You'll often find the Secretary of our organization assisting with registration, videoing Kevin and enjoying the pull. 

NK has 11 classes of action. The 10.5 Super-Field class is a more economical beginner class for tractors. We also have the P-Pump Pro-Field and Limited Pro/Super Farm classes. For trucks we have the 2WD Modified, 4x4 ProStock, 4X4 Limited Pro-Stock and 2.5/2.6/3.0 Turbo Diesel Pickups. 

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