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NK Pullers Association Rules

General Rules

  1. The goal of a pull is to pull the weight transfer sled the distance of a full pull, which is normally 300 feet, unless otherwise stated at a particular event. No distances will be measured beyond 300 feet, unless stated otherwise at a particular event. All pull-offs will have a floating finish line, unless stated otherwise at a particular event.

  2. If more than one vehicle makes a full pull, the sled will be reset and/or re-weighted for a pull-off.

  3. Measurements are taken from the forward-most point of the pan on the front of the sled.

  4. All vehicles must cross the scales to be weighed and hitch height checked. After crossing the scales and checked, vehicle must be parked in a staging area before pulling. This also applies to re-hooks and option pulls. No vehicle may bypass the scales to pull. Any vehicle that leaves the staging area before pulling, must be re-checked and re-weighed before pulling.

  5. At which time your name is called to pull and the sled has backed to the starting line, you will have two minutes to report to the track. If this is impossible due to mechanical problems, you may notify a track official within the allotted two minutes, and drop two positions in the pulling order. Track official must be notified within the two-minute time limit of the mechanical problems, and the decision to drop. Decision must be approved by track official. This rule may not be utilized more than once for a particular puller per class.

  6. Driver must remain seated and have control of the truck at all times. Driver must keep all body parts inside of cab at all times. While vehicle is running, driver must remain seated. No riders.

  7. All pulling vehicles must be in neutral or park while being hooked and unhooked from the sled.  A white  safety light is required to indicate that vehicle is in neutral during process of hooking or unhooking from sled.-Required.  An additional reverse light, amber in color will Illuminate when vehicle is in reverse. -Recommended.

  8. The first puller in each class is the test puller for that class. The test puller has the option to accept his/her first pull, re-pull immediately, or drop six positions in the pulling order to re-pull. Test puller’s decision must be made before the vehicle leaves the track. If a track official is not notified of the puller’s intent to re-pull, then competitor’s original pull will stand. Track official must notify puller if they are disqualified before puller leaves the track.

  9. All pulls must start with a tight chain. No jerking or yanking of the sled. Once the slack has been taken out of the chain, you cannot back up and jerk the sled. Once the sled has stopped, the pull is over.

  10. The 100 foot rule: Any puller may immediately re-pull as long as the first attempt doesn’t pass 100 feet. (only one restart per hook) The 100 foot rule does not apply to the pull-off.

  11. The tires of all pulling vehicles must remain within the marked boundaries of the track under the green flag. Touching one of the boundaries will result in disqualification. Any chalk line boundary that is present will be observed as the track boundary unless stated otherwise at a particular event.

  12. Attempting to pull under a red flag will result in disqualification. The flagman will cue the start of each pull by displaying the green flag. When the red flag is displayed, you must stop. Any attempt to continue to pull under a red flag will result in disqualification.

  13. Each contestant may spot the sled before his or her pull. Contestant must notify a track official or sled operator before the sled backs to the starting line.

  14. Per NK insurance and NK Rules-all drivers must be at least 18 years old. Drivers age 16 and up, will need a signed parental consent form to pull. 

  15. Pullers must register 30 minutes prior to the start of the pull. Pullers should call ahead if problems arise which would cause them to be late.

  16. CHEATING: If a puller is found to be illegal for any major rule of their class, the driver and the vehicle will be fined and forfeit points and class payout. First offense is $250 fine, points and pay for day of that pull. Second offense is $500 fine, points for the season and pay for the day of that pull. Third offense, no longer eligible to pull with NK. No refund of entry fees. All decisions are made at the discretion of the officers.

  17. Non-club members will pay either $125 for a full membership with $20 hook fees or a one-day membership/insurance of $30.00 for each pull they attend, plus additional $20 hook fees. A full membership is a points membership. To accrue points, you must purchase a full membership at your first pull with NK Pullers. One day members will not receive points or voting rights. The hook fees from one-day members will go to the NK points fund. Full members and vehicle with attempt to pull, must attend 59% of all the completed NK pulls in order to have NK voting privileges within their class.

  18. Club members will be given assigned pull duties at each pull, and will be responsible for that duty, or a qualified (club member) replacement to perform their assigned duty.

  19. Club membership dues are $100.00 per year if purchased before April 1st. After April 1st they increase to $125.00. 


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