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2 Wheel Drive 6200# Modified Truck (Light & Heavy Class)

  1. Maximum weight 6200#

  2. Wheel Base limit of 18’ (216”)

  3. 540 cubic inch limit, Iron block only (factory or aftermarket)

  4. Tires: Max size of 18.4-16.1 Cut tires permitted.

  5. Heads: Steel or aluminum heads with stock valve angle (maximum 23°) are allowed (no exotic heads –example no Big Chief, Hemi etc...)

  6. Carburetors

    • Dominator style carbs allowed. 

    • Limited to one carb. 

    • No handbuilt intakes. Factory cast part number intakes only (Ex. Dart, Edelbrock,Brodix etc. ok.)

  7. Gasoline, Racing and Methanol fuel is allowed. Naturally aspirated. No nitrous oxide, nitro methane or propylene oxide. No ether bottles (starting aids) allowed on board while pulling. No ether start systems.

  8. All drivers must wear full faced helmets. Drivers running methanol required to wear a head sock.

  9. 30” Hitch Height. All drawbars will have an opening minimum of 3.75” x 3”.

  10. Tube Chassis permitted.                                                   

  11. Use of aluminum blocks or sheet metal manifolds will NOT be allowed. Allow the use of conventional style aluminum heads. No hemi, no billet. Only modification allowed is porting. No external modifications. Only 2 valves per cylinder.           

  12. All vehicles are required to use a kill switch securely mounted to the back of the vehicle.

  13. A white safety light is required to indicate that the vehicle is in neutral during process of hooking or unhooking from sled.-Required.  An additional reverse light, amber in color will Illuminate when vehicle is in reverse. -Recommended.

  14. No forced air induction-(no blowers).

  15. Wheelie bar or skid bars required-will adopt MSTPA rules.

  16. All  rules for the 2wd modified class will be frozen for 3 years and will be up for review for the 2023 pulling season.

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