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Limited Pro/Super Farm Tractors - 8500# & 9500# Classes

  1. WEIGHT CLASSES – 8,500 lb. and 9,500 lb.

  2. 2 hooks per tractor per night

  3. Turbo  and Cubic Inch Rules:

    • One (1) turbo only

    • 466 cu in. or under runs 3x4 smooth bore turbo -Weight 8500 & 9500

    • 466 cu in. or under with 3x4 outlaws superfarm turbo- Weight 8500 & 9500

    • Over 466 cu in. will run 3x3 smooth bore turbo- Weight 8500 & 9500

    • Over 466 cu in. with 3x4 outlaws superfarm turbo . Weight 8200 & 9200.

    • Any future build will be no larger than 466 cu as of 10/6/19.

  4. All pulling vehicles must be in neutral or park while being hooked and unhooked from the sled. A white safety light is required to indicate that vehicle is in neutral during process of  hooking or unhooking from sled.-Required. An additional reverse light, amber in color will illuminate when vehicle is in reverse. -Recommended.

  5. VP Torque until gone then VP DX fuel only. No additives of any kind. No alcohol.

    • No nitrous oxide, nitro methane or propylene oxide.. All ether bottles (starting aids) must be placed outside of engine compartment.  

  6. VP water only.

    • 3 way dump valve required

  7. Steel flywheel

  8. Safety blankets are required.

  9. Side shields, wide front ends and rear fenders -Required.

  10. Draw bar:

    •   No hammer strap.        

    •   20” draw bar. All drawbars will have an opening minimum of 3.75” x 3”.

  11. Dead man throttle required.

  12. At least 3/8” cross bolts in exhaust pipe

  13. Air shut off.

  14. “A” and “P” pumps accepted. No larger than P7100 13 mm.

  15.  Electric fan or no fan at all.

  16. Allow recast heads.

  17. Tire limits.

    • No current tire restrictions.

    • Puller 2000 tires allowed.

    • Cut tires allowed.

  18. No tolerance on the weights of classes.

  19. No inter-coolers allowed.

  20. SFI certified roll cage.-Required

  21. Rear skid/wheelie bars, front ski bars and tie bars-Required.

  22. Firesuit jacket and pants or 1 piece -Required.

  23. Helmet with strap-Required. Face shield recommended.

  24. Fireproof  head sock, boots and gloves recommended.

  25. Fully charged fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver -Required.

  26. 4 or 5 point harness belt-Required.

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